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Do you take all types of cases?

We do accept a wide variety of cases. If you still have a question, feel free to email us at casagracia@caminodevida.com.


What are the requirements to get into Casa Gracia?

To get into Casa Gracia, you must fill out the downloadable form here and return to us the documents we ask for. Every document is for the protection of the residents and the house.


The most important factor is that the girl, herself, wants to enter the program. Every applicant must show that she is the one is making the decision to apply and that she is not being forced.


Can I get into Casa Gracia without the required documents?

To make sure that Casa Gracia is the right place for every applicant, we need them to complete and return every required document.


How long does the admission process take?

There is not an exact time in the admission process. Everything depends on a variety of factors, amongst them:


- How fast the applicant returns the required documents.

- If the applicant is ready.

- If there’s space in the house for the applicant.

- If after submitting the documents, the applicant is accepted.


How long will my recovery take?

Every resident is unique and progresses in different ways and at a different pace. The progress in each girl’s healing will depend on how willing she is to change and use what she is learning. We ask every resident to focus not on how long she’ll be in the house but on the everyday changes she’s making.


How much does the program cost?

The program is completely free because we want every girl to understand that her healing does not come as a result of what she has paid or earned, but freely as a gift from God.


What’s the program of Casa Gracia about?

All of our program is based on Scripture and biblical principles

and gives residents the tools to change their habits, thoughts,

reactions, etc.


My parents don’t want me to join the program.

What can I do? I need help.

If you are of legal age, you can come into the program without your parents’ permission. If you are a minor, you do need your parents’ consent.


If they don’t agree, you can ask for a meeting with a Casa Gracia worker who can help your parents to better understand the program and clear their possible doubts and fears.


My parents are forcing me to apply to Casa Gracia, but I don’t want to. What can I do?

One of the requirement to get into Casa Gracia is that it be a personal and willing decision.

If we feel you don’t want to come for any reason, you won’t be accepted. We believe change will happen when the decision is yours and is not forced.


I’m a mom and want to get into Casa Gracia. What can I do?

A mother may enter Casa Gracia, but her children may not. She will need to coordinate living arrangements for her children while living at the house. She may plan visits or special outings with her children by coordinating them through the director of the program.


I’m married. Can I come to Casa Gracia?

A married woman can enter our program but must fulfill the same requirements as the other residents.


I’m older than the age range specified to enter Casa Gracia, but I need the help. What can I do?

Our church, Camino de Vida, has an amazing team of pastors and leaders who will be pleased to help you. We also have many different classes that deal with specific areas of life to help you grown in your walk with the Lord and find healing.


Reasons why a girl would not qualify to get into Casa Gracia:

A. She has psychiatric problems.

B. She needs medications in order to be stable.

C. She has a drug addiction.



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