Our Program

We have a residential program that receives girls between 14 and 27 years of age who are suffering from anorexia, bulimia, gluttony, or depression, who are fighting with addictions to pornography, sex, or theft, amongst others (except drugs), or who have been victims of sexual abuse. We only receive girls who are willing to come out from their circumstances voluntarily.

The services we offer are completely free and open to girls in Latin America who speak Spanish.

The program lasts between 8 to 12 months, during which we are committed to helping each girl find her identity in God, receive healing for her wounds, and discover a renewed purpose for life in Jesus.


The house

The everyday

The House

The physical structure of the house where the girls live is designed to be a life-giving, peace-filled environment where the girls have daily opportunities to experience God and find rest from their burdens. From the hope-filled artwork on the wall, to the green spaces outside, to the library and classrooms, the house was created to be a place for the girls to be saturated with God’s Word and given the opportunity to experience his love and healing power.

The Everyday

Every girl who comes to Casa Gracia spends some time away from social media and her former outside world.

The girls are given a fresh routine to help them focus on why they are there and develop new, healthy rhythms. Each day they wake up early, have classes, spend time reading, do their assigned household chores, eat customized, healthy meals together at

set times, do their daily homework, and

 participate in counseling sessions.

These are positive changes that help them, bit by bit, to let go of their old negative habits and create new, positive habits. Each aspect of the house rhythms and schedule are specifically designed to help them focus on their healing, learn to become responsible, and have opportunities throughout the day to encounter God.

For the girls in the program, these 8 to 12 months are certainly a serious investment of time, but we believe it is an investment that will forever change their lives going forward.


Calle Buen Retiro #100

Monterrico - Surco

Lima, Perú

Phone: 01-312-6048