Casa Gracia is a ministry of Camino de Vida. If you are an individual, a group, an organization, or a church looking to support us, please reach out to us through the offices of our church in Lima, Peru. Send us an email, and we’d love to give you more information.

Casa Grande 114 / 116

C.C. Monterrico, Surco

Lima Perú

Phone: (01) 312-6048




a Girl

The expense of supporting a girl during her stay in Casa Gracia is $20 a day. If you would like to directly support one of the residents, send an e-mail to:


We’ll get in touch with you and will be grateful for your interest in the lives of

these girls.


If you would like to make a general donation to the program and you live outside Peru, you can donate through

Support Us

Casa Gracia operates through the financial support of our church, Camino de Vida, and through groups and individuals, such as yourself! There are several ways you can help Casa Gracia continue to operate and expand and impact the lives of young women. Here are a few:


Pray with us

La mejor forma en la que puedes ayudarnos es uniéndote en oración con nosotros por las siguientes necesidades:


1. For the mind of each resident to be

    renewed and healed, and that they may

    come to understand God’s purpose for

    their lives and believe in every promise

    He has made them.


2. Wisdom for all the Casa Gracia team.


3. Provision to keep the house operating

     and expanding

Any help that you can give us will have a lasting impact in the life of every girl who comes to Casa Gracia.


Calle Buen Retiro #100

Monterrico - Surco

Lima, Perú

Phone: 01-312-6048