We believe that the Word of God is powerful, and we’ve witnessed many, many miracles in the lives of the program’s graduates. Take a minute to read a few of their stories:


“God gave me a new identity and showed me I have value, and He captivated me with His love and grace.”

For me, Casa Gracia has been more than a safe house -  it’s the place where I learned how God really feels about me and how I can use my faith. I found real love. I found the One who was always with me, who gave His life for mine, and discovered that when I wasn’t able to save myself, He was strong enough to save me. That One is Jesus.

Day by day I found hope, freedom, and healing from bulimia, depression and TBC. Not only did I find physical healing, but also healing for my soul. It was no longer about what I saw in the mirror, or how perfect I tried to be in my own strength, it was about how God saw me and what He had done for me.

He kept his promise and showed me big things for my future. He gave me a new identity, a new sense of value, and He captivated me with His love and grace. Now I know I can fight every battle and have the victory, like the daughter of the King I am…His princess.”


“I can now say that I’m truly happy and that I see God’s love in everything around me.”

My name is Andrea and I’m a living proof that God can change any life. I was sexually abused when I was a little girl and I grew up in a dysfunctional family. All of this affected my identity in a major way. I knew who God was, but I hated Him for everything that had happened to me. As a teenager, I made really bad choices and developed several addictions and eating disorders.

Everything left me feeling even more empty and worthless, so I tried to kill myself. By God’s grace, I didn’t die, so I decided to apply to Casa Gracia. Each moment I spent at Casa Gracia and through each person there, I was shown God’s love over and over and over again. Through Casa Gracia, God showed me that my only true identity was as His daughter and that my past didn’t define me.


I learned I could be free thanks to His unconditional love. The person I was before my time at Casa Gracia doesn't exist anymore. I can now say that I’m truly happy and that I see God’s love in everything around me. Today I dream with a future, resting in the knowledge that God always wants the best for me.”



“I was born to enjoy a relationship with God

and to love others.”

The life I now have is proof that is never too late for God to become the author of your story. I was going down a path with no return, but God literally saved me.

Is by his unmerited grace that I have received blessing after blessing.  During my time in Casa Gracia, I was able to forget my past and not look back again. The relationship with my family was healed and every weekend I had the chance to visit my home and reestablish the relationship with my son.

I have never set foot in a casino again.

I had an encounter with God in Casa Gracia and it changed my life forever.

All my life I had thought I wasn’t welcome anywhere…that I had no value…that I didn’t belong or fit in.

In Casa Gracia, for the first time, I saw myself through the mirror of truth.



I understood that I was born to live a life of abundance, that I’m valuable, and that I can make a difference in this world. I know now that I was born to enjoy a relationship with God and to love others.


I now know that I’m completely loved, 100% accepted, and completely forgiven and whole in Him.



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